Is the universe in an ontological state at all times with no room for free will and conspiracy? (superdeterminism, ’t Hooft 2016)
Is the universe an autodidactic system which learns its own physical laws? (Smolin,2021)
Is the universe a self-exited system brought into being by self-reference?(Wheeler,1975)

Antipodal mapping as a possible route in order to describe complementarity?
Asfyon was founded in 1994 by a group of a physicist as an independent research institute. For the members, there is a platform where they can present their research, projects, etc : (under construction)
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Randall-Sundrum 5D warped spacetime models: solves hierarchy problem and one can construct an effective theory without UV cutoff

Artist impression of a black hole in a conformal dilaton gravity model on a warped 5D spacetime. The antipodal interpretation of ’t Hooft is applied. The idea was also first introduced by Schrodinger in 1957. Antipodal points on the horizon represent the same event. So there is no inside of the black hole. The spacecraft stays on the brane. This model could solve the black hole paradoxes. In 4D the horizon changes from a 2-sphere into a projective plane which has the topology of the non-orientable Mobius strip. In 5D it becomes the Klein surface, which can only be embedded in r4. See: “Quantum Black Holes in Conformal Dilaton–Higgs Gravity on Warped Spacetimes” Universe,2023, 9(9), 383;

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